The route.

Here it is, the ARC+. Sailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Sao Vicente, Cape Verde – Saint Lucia. 

First leg should take 5-7 days, second leg slightly longer at 11-15 days. Although it all depends on the weather, fingers crossed. It’s supposedly the end of the hurricane season so that’s good news. 

I fly out on Monday… I better get packing! 

4 thoughts on “The route.

  1. In fact only two headings to make on the whole trip – SSW ‘ish for a bit then due West for the rest. How easy is that. Two twiddles on the steering thing then feet up and reading that Kon-Tiki book. Doddle!


  2. George, Posted a new and surprisingly positive comment on your site.

    All the very best from all of us. Keep us in the blog and we’ll keep you in our hearts and prayers.

    Ian, Caroline, Isaac, Arte and Syd.

    PS, have you really started packing yet?


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