Lady Bizoe, Hallberg Rassy 62

Captains communication pre arrival…

“All very welcome
We will make a wonderful vacation 

Without ending

You can all enjoy
Water toys on board

Wave board
Big fishing gear
Hair products
Fitnes gear
Sport folding bikes 3
Hoover board

Beach fun games
So don’t bring anything 

All on board
All prof snorkeling gear on board
For 6 people
We have worldwide Internet
Wifi in port
3/4G till 12 miles out of coast worldwide
Inmarsat only 25MB during Atlantic crossing for weather and office. Worldwide 

Crew lady Bizoe lives in 21 St century 

Ice maker
And plenty of freezers and fridges. 

All televisions with hdd system for all and 1400 movies and all different series at your disposal 

Smoothie maker
Team Lady Bizoe uniforms
Guitars two
All life jackets and safety gear
All eperb personals
And plenty more”

Team briefing at 10:00am, only time will tell…

4 thoughts on “Lady Bizoe, Hallberg Rassy 62

  1. I have just googled what a ‘seabob’ is. From the images I have just looked, it should be lots of fun but you will need to be able to hold your breath for a long time.


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