Pacific Dip

Panama to Galapagos

12 days at sea : 27.04.17 – 08.05.17

After an unexpectedly long period in Panama, we were ready for our first taste of the Pacific Ocean. 

27.04.17: We set off at 6pm. I made shepherd’s pie for our first meal at sea. Start as you mean to go on. 

First night shift, had a Milo (similar to Ovaltine) with Mark. So glad to be back at sea with a purpose. 900nm to Galapagos which should take 6-7 days. We’re currently motoring as there is not a drop of wind.

First things first, our welcome to the Pacific Ocean

28.04.17: Huge Black Fin Tuna leaping 1m out the water, 6 have been spotted. Also saw my first flying fish of the Pacific. They are definitely my favourite. 

Fishing tip
: 10m/knot : 50-70m of fishing line. 

Looks calm as we settle for the night, little did we know…

Huge thunder and lightening storms were on their way, no wind unfortunately. But HEAVY rain. As I helmed my night shift, huge lightening spindles lit up the whole sky surrounding me. One moment pitch black, next moment the horizon could be seen. A little black bird came for a rest on Salid and kept me company. 

Dinner: Chili con carne

29.04.17: Jess and Ally sea sick all day so I took to the corn chips to keep me going…

Rained all day. Mark and I had a fun day playing cards whilst the others slept. We had tinned tomato soup with Mark’s homemade bread for lunch. It really does feel like my caravan holidays when I was younger. Playing cards, getting cosy whilst the rain patters on the roof. If it’s bad weather, put the kettle on. 

Dinner: Veg rice stir fry
Lightning again this evening. I was on from 0100-0300. It was such a great night shift. Stars over head, lightning lighting up the clouds on the horizon, and a white bird flapping around the boat keeping me entertained. 

30.04.17: Another rainy day, thrashed Ally at cards. More wind today, kept a steady 3-5 knots speed. 

Jess manning the helm
Went past a rock with a lighthouse on, really cool.

Dinner: Chicken Carbonara 

During my night shift 7 white birds with black heads, black wing tips and grey patterns on top, were swirling and flapping around the bow.

01.05.17: Cyril on Salid in the morning. Just sat picking and scratching. Kept me company on my shift, once again!
Corn fritters for lunch
Potato fritters with steak for dinner. Delicious.

Amazing night shift. I was on 0500-0700 and wow. Firstly woke up to the smell of Milo, the stars were brighter than ever. The wind was blowing, Mark turned off all the lights on the boat (including the navigation lights) and the stars were out of this world, literally. Shining out. The milky way and I spotted two satalities! They move quite quickly through the sky at a steady pace, not as bright as the stars. I saw lots of shooting stars, not too explosive. Quite tame ones. The white birds were out again, 4 in total. 
Then the sun rose gradually and the stars faded out. I helmed at 6 knots. It was a great feeling. 

02.05.17: I’m cook. Wind all day! Slightly cloudy. Banana bread. Beef stroganoff.
Cloudy sunset

03.05.17: Kon Tiki reading. Wind. Chicken Pad Thai. 

2100- 2430: Martin the Mahi Mahi. What a fight he put in compared to Simon the Sailfish! 
Martin was as big as Ally!
And he was so pretty…
Filleting time

My shift from 0100-0300, still buzzing after Martin. Slept till 0700 then…

04.05.17: “Come and see the dolphins!”   There was a little baby going crazy jumping out the water turning and belly flopping smashing into the water. Then more and more dolphins came until we were surrounded. Far into the distance you could see them leaping out the water. Hundreds. What a sight! “There’s a f*cking whale!!!!!!” I couldn’t help it, I was just so excited! Right in front of us, plain as day, were 3 whales. It was a euphoric moment with fins everywhere I looked. This lasted for 40 minutes. What a 12 hours! 

We dragged Martin behind in hope that he may attract sharks. No luck as of yet. 

Of course, a bird comes along to join in! A white bird with a very thin long tail with peacock type tail feathers up against the body, a really red beak and black eye patches. 

Stocks fry up to celebrate!

Cleaned the hull, so many barnacles. 

Time to reeeeelax.

Dinner: Fish fajitas

Pollywog to Shellback 

05.05.17: We crossed the equator! Mark had prepared a little surprise for us… all you need to know is it involved wigs, masks and…

Surfing the equator!

Dinner: fish pie

06.05.17: Land glorious land! 

Sting Ray doing flips out the water. 2.5m high! Who knew that was a thing!?

Dinner: Mahi Mahi and chips

07.05.17: Isla Tortuga – half moon volcano. 

Arrived at Isabella! Asked to leave as we had the wrong bloody paperwork, typical.

08.05.17: Arrived at Santa Cruz and after 12 days at sea we could step on land again.

All I can say is my first dip in the Pacific has been magical. Birds, dolphins, whales, flippin’ rays, flying fish, thunderstorms, Milo, stars, parties, and most importantly a full belly. 

Pigeon dipped

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