Preparations at Las Palmas

​Appologies for the delayed Pigeon Post. Will quickly recap before proceeding with the Leg in hand.  

I arrived in Las Palmas on 31st October for an intense week of preparations for the ARC+.

There are two Rallys that cross the Atlantic, the ARC (Atlantic Rally Crossing) and ARC+. The ARC goes directly to Saint Lucia and the ARC+ (what I’m doing) goes via Cape Verde.

Can’t really say I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, but that week gave me an insight…

Day 1:

Woke up feeling a little worse for wear after last night’s Halloween party. The majority of the sailors in fancy dress… Lady Bizoe in our personalised uniforms. Attended the Provisions seminar and in a snap shot:

  • Cardboard brings cockroaches, so leave that on the shore.
  • Kitchen roll should become your carrots new best friend (wrap up those veggies well, no one likes them rotten).
  • Turn your eggs daily, or suffer the consequences…
  • Treat yourself!
A wonderful evening aboard the Lady Biz.

      Day 2:
      Chatted provisions with the crew. Ran to the beach. Got lost, of course. Dined at the crew supper, duck. Yummy. Followed up with a G ‘n’ T on the Oyster two doors down with Riel, German, 60 odd, chequered shirt (met him at the Halloween party). An intelligent one.

      Survival at sea…

      Day 3:

      Busy day. Beginning with a seminar on First Aid,  tips with a twist:

      • Know your team: hydration, medication and meditation. A happy boat, is a healthy boat.
      • Something’s better than nothing. Act fast and at times use your imagination: a paddle for a splint, or perhaps a tampon for your nose bleed. 
      • Keep those chopped off limbs cool (not frozen!!) and when help does arrive, don’t forget to send it with the patient. 
      • Celox (haemostatic granules), a must have on board, even the military use them!

      Then the beast itself, the provision shopping. Nothing could have prepared me for shopping for 8 people for 30 days. 4 hours, 12.5 crates, 11 fridge bags, 3 trollies, 400 fizzy drinks and 60 bottles of wine later, I was broken.

      13 trollies and countingggg
      What are the chances!
      Meat and veg

      Cooked chillie con carne, went down a storm! 

      Day 4:

      Provisions arrived at Lady Biz. Veg washed, cardboard removed, and tins labeled. The great stowing began… Remembering “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Who knows how it all fitted in, but it did.

      The Great Stowing

      Day 5:
      The meat, wine and 400 bottles of fizzy drinks arrived. Yes you heard correctly, that’s 400! 

      First trip out on the boat today and it felt good. We had much needed practice of the man overboard drill… The most important job is to not take your eyes off the man… Bianca lost sight of the bottle within minutes. It doesn’t bode well. 

      Unpredictable weather at Las Palmas

      The last supper with mother and sister consisted of mussels, calamari and paella… Let’s hope sea food doesn’t live up to its reputation.

      Anna on the plonk…

      Pigeon out.

      2 thoughts on “Preparations at Las Palmas

      1. Entertained myself for the last half an hour on the train catching up with the blog. Loving it. Good photos and a witty writing style ! Keep us updated !


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